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Senegal 10000 Francs 2003

Item Code: SN-718K

Front: Stylised sawfish which is a reproduction of the bronze figurine
which was formerly used to weigh the gold powder among Akan people.
It symbolises prosperity and fruitfulness in African mythologies;
Importance of the development of new communication and information technologies.
This topic is represented, in the foreground, by a parabola (radio antenna), a satellite
and the sign @ (arobase). With the background appear drawn integrated circuits in a
stylized way; Back: Touraco birds (Tauraco macrorhynchus); Watermark: Stylized sawfish.

This picture is for reference only. It may not be exactly the same image as the one
for sale in the
pricelist or this may be a gallery item (not for sale).

Original Size: 145 x 74 mm
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