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Town of Weida (Thüringia) 8 Notgeld Set: 5, 10, 25, 50, 50, 75, 75 Pfennig, 1 Mark, 30th September 1921

Item Code: DER-NGWEI

Overall theme: Town views in 1655 and in 1921. Watermark: Yes. Signature titles: Gemeinderat; Gemeindevorstand.
Designer (Entwerfer): Rötschau, Rötschall, Rötschalt (?). Printer: Druck Johannes Arndt, Jena.



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Dimensions (design part): 45 x 30 mm (5 Pfennig); 54 x 37 mm (10 Pfennig) ; 65 x 45 mm (25 Pfennig); 87 x 61 mm (50 and 75 Pfennig).

Texts and descriptions:
Notgeld der Stadt Weida Gültig bis 1 Monat nach Aufruf. Weida 30. 9. 21

5 Pfennig: Pulverturm 1920 niedergelegt. Was braucht die Stadt ein Pulverturm, wenn Pulver sie nicht hat.

10 Pfennig: Housewife with empty pockets or she is fastening her apron (smile); Wer mag das alle Kuchenweide suchen. Der Mäuler wurden mehr und weniger der Kuchen.

25 Pfennig: Quãker Speisung. Guten Menschen fürwahr spricht oft ein himmlischer Geist zu dass sie fühlen die Not / aíe den armen Bruder bevorsbeht.

50 Pfennig: Körsthall. Stadtkirche 1921.

50 Pfennig: Ruine der Wiedenkirche 1921.

75 Pfennig: Körsthall. Rathaus 1921.

75 Pfennig: Weida, Am Wasser 1921.

1 Mark: Weida, 1921.
Notgeld (German for "emergency money" or "necessity money") refers to money issued by an institution in a time of economic or political crisis. The issuing institution is usually one without official sanction from the central government. This occurs usually when sufficient state-produced money is not available from the central bank. Most notably, notgeld generally refers to money produced in Germany and Austria during World War I and the Interbellum. Issuing institutions could be a town's savings banks, municipality and private or state-owned firms.
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