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Ref # Description Image
WS-16x   1 Tala 1967/2020 (Fishing boat; Thatched hut with palms)   [Picture & Info]
WS-17x   2 Tala 1967/2020 (Palms, rising sun; Thatched hut)   [Picture & Info]
WS-18x   10 Tala 1967/2020 (Kava bowl, flag; Coastal scenery)   [Picture & Info]
WS-25   2 Tala (1985) (woodcarver, hut, palms)   [Obverse & Reverse]
WS-26   5 Tala (1985) (child, port city)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
WS-27   10 Tala (1985) (bananas, beach)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
WS-28   20 Tala (1985) (fisherman, building)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
WS-29   50 Tala (1990) (knife dance)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
WS-30   100 Tala (1990) (harvest scene)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
WS-31   2 Tala (1990) (Village Apia; Malietoa Tanumafili II)   [Picture & Info]
WS-33A   5 Tala (2002) (Child writing; harbour view; flag)   [Picture & Info]
WS-33B   5 Tala (2005) (Child writing; Apia harbour view; flag)   [Picture & Info]
WS-34B   10 Tala (2005) (Flag; Harvesting banana; shoreline)   [Picture & Info]
WS-35A   20 Tala (2002) (Flag; fisherman; Fale Fono - Parliament)   [Picture & Info]
WS-36   50 Tala (2006) (Flag; Malietoa Tanumafili II; Dance)   [Picture & Info]
WS-37   100 Tala (2006) (Fono House; Malietoa Tanumafili II)   [Picture & Info]
WS-38a   5 Tala (2008) (beach; R.L. Stevenson ex-residence)   [Picture & Info]
WS-38b   5 Tala (2014) (beach; R.L. Stevenson ex-residence)   [Picture & Info]
WS-39a   10 Tala (2008) (rugby champions; children walking)   [Picture & Info]
WS-40   20 Tala (2008) (Papapapaitai waterfall; Manumea bird)   [Picture & Info]
WS-41   50 Tala (2008) (Government building; Central Bank)   [Picture & Info]
WS-42   100 Tala (2008) (Susuga - Head of State; Apia Cathedral)   [Picture & Info]
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