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China 1 Dollar 1931 (A894612) (well circulated) VG-F

China 1 Dollar 1931 (A894612) (well circulated) VG-F
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20.00 ($ 21.80)
1 Dollar Local Currency 1931 (provisional overprint on "National Currency" banknote) (Front: Portrait of Sun Yat-sen (1866–1925). Back: Sun Yat-sen (Sun Zhongshan) octagon-shaped Memorial Hall (built in 1931) in Canton (Kwangchow, Guangzhou), the capital of China's Guangdong Province. Watermark: None. Predominant colour: Brown. Artist: (ABNC). Engraver: (ABNC). Signatures: Chinese signatures (2): Unidentified. Printing method: Line engraving. Issuer: The Kwangtung Provincial Bank. Date of Issue: 20th year of the Republic = 1931. Withdrawn: Yes. Legal tender: No. Total issue: N/a. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: American Bank Note Company, New York (ABNC)) (Serial # A894612) (well circulated) VG-F

Dimensions: 148 x 83 mm

Catalogue Number: P-S2425c (Albert Pick; Krause)

Grade/condition: Very Good to Fine (VG-F) (well circulated, used)

Texts: 廣東省銀行. The Kwangtung Provincial Bank (Guangdong Sheng Yínháng, Kuang Tung Sheng Yin Hang) promises to pay the bearer on demand at its office here One Dollar 壹圓 (National) Local Currency, 1931. Canton, Kwangchow, Guang-chow, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Republic of China.