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France 5000 Francs 16.8.1951 (L.68/168509431) (circulated) VF

France 5000 Francs 16.8.1951 (L.68/168509431) (circulated) VF
Product Code
150.00 ($ 162.00)
5000 Francs 16.8.1951 "Terre et Mer" (Front: Pomona, Roman goddess of plenty holding a cornucopia full of fruits and vegetables, representing the Earth, and Amphitrite, a Greek sea-goddess and a wife of Poseidon, holding a trident and a shell, representing the Sea. Back: Mercury, god of Commerce, leaning on his caduceus and Minerva, goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic, and the inventor of music, holding a compass and a parchment; Factory in operation; Wreath of leaves and fruit in the background. Watermark: Effigies of a young female and a young male. Work by: Sébastien Laurent. Engraved by: Georges Beltrant (front), Jules Piel (intaglio), Camille Beltrant (back). Signatories: J. Belin, P. Rousseau, P. Gargam, J. Cormier, G. Gouin d'Ambrieres, R. Favre-Gilly. Printer: Banque de France) (Serial # L.68/168509431) (circulated) VF

6 clean pinholes. Clean note.

Dimensions: 171 x 111 mm


Catalogue Number: P-131c

Grade/condition: Very Fine (VF) (medium used, circulated)