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Great Britain 10 Pounds (1975-92) (AX30/544562) UNC-

Great Britain 10 Pounds (1975-92) (AX30/544562) UNC-
Product Code
75.00 ($ 77.25)
10 Pounds (1975-92) (Front: Queen Elizabeth II in court robes. Bank of England logo: Britannia seated next to a pile of coins and a shield, holding a spear and a laurel or olive branch. Hibiscus 'Florence Nightingale'. Back: Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). "The Lady with the Lamp" hospital scene at Scutari (Üsküdar; Chrysopolis). Watermark: Portrait of Florence Nightingale. Predominant colour: Deep brown. Date first issued: 20 February 1975. Date last issued: 1992. Date ceased to be legal tender: 20 May 1994. Design: Harry Eccleston. Signature: D.H.F. Somerset (1980-1988) (Chief Cashier). Legal tender: No, but exchangeable forever at Bank of England in London. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Bank of England Printing Works) (Serial # AX30/544562) UNC-

Dimensions: 152 x 84 mm

Note: This item is NOT a Specimen! It is a regular note.


Catalogue Number: P-379c

Grade/condition: Nearly Uncirculated (UNC-) (nearly- new, unused, mint)