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Greece 50 Drachmai 1.10.1964 (circulated) Fine

Greece 50 Drachmai 1.10.1964 (circulated) Fine
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3.00 ($ 3.27)
50 Drachmai 1.10.1964 (Front: Part of the Ancient Greek coin with the head of Arethusa being accompanied by dolphins. Ancient Greek boat - Trireme galley. Reverse: Composition of an old and a modern shipyard. Watermark: Head of Ephebos (adolescent, ephebe), the Antikythera Youth. Security features: Running serial numbers. Predominant colours: Blue and green. Artists: G. Velissaridis and I. Stinis. Engraved by: L. Orphanos and G. Angelopoulos. Signatures: Pending (Manager, O Dieythyntis); Xenophon Zolotas (Chief Officer = Deputy Governor, O Dioikitis, 5 February 1955 – 7 August 1967 (Second term)). Security thread: Solid 1/2 mm, embedded. Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Bank of Greece - Trapeza Tis Ellados. Date of issue: 1 October 1964. Date of demonetization: 1 March 2012. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Bank of Greece Institute) (Serial # varies) (circulated) Fine

Dimensions: 144 x 64 mm


Catalogue Number: P-195

Grade/condition: Fine (F) (circulated, used)