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Hungary 1000 Forint 2017 (DB 19205xx) UNC

Hungary 1000 Forint 2017 (DB 19205xx) UNC
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10.00 ($ 10.80)
1000 Forint 2017 (Front: Hungarian coat of arms. Portrait of King Mátyás (Matthias Corvinus or Matthias I) (Born in today's Romania in Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca 1443, died in today's Austria in Vienna in 1490), King of Hungary and Croatia. He also was King of Bohemia and Duke of Austria. A raven crow (Latin: Corvinus) holding a royal ring in its beak. City of Buda and Buda Castle during the Middle Ages. Back: Hercules Fountain (a detail of the Royal Renaissance palace at Visegrád). Golden Forint (Florin, Florentinus) coins of Matthias Corvinus (1458–1490). Illustrated initial "C" (seated monk reading a book) from Codices Corvinae and Bibliotheca Corviniana. Watermark: Portrait of King Mátyás; Electrotype '1000'. Security features: Running black horizontal and vertical serial numbers. Yellow EURion constellation (Omron rings or doughnuts). Applied holographic 9 mm wide security stripe depicting portrait of King Mátyás, the raven and the denomination '1000' while on the reverse it is painted with colour-changing paint depicting the crow (raven) and the "1000". Security thread: Solid, embedded, 1 mm thick, with demetalized "MNB 1000". Predominant colour: Blue. Designer: György Pálinkás. Engravers: Károly Vagyóczky (front); György Lengyel (back). Painter: Károly Vagyóczky (front). Signatures: Matolcsy György (Governor MNB, 4 March 2013–); Ferenc Gerhardt (Deputy Governor MNB, 22 March 2011–); Windisch László (Deputy Governor MNB, 2 October 2013–); Márton Nagy (Deputy Governor MNB, September 2015 – 28 May 2020). Issuer: Hungarian National Bank - Magyar Nemzeti Bank. Date of Issue: 24 August 2017. Circulated from: 1 March 2018. Material: Cotton fiber paper made by Diósgyor Paper Mill Limited. Printing method: Intaglio. Printer: Hungarian State Banknote Printing Company) (Serial Nos: DB 19205xx) UNC

Dimensions: 155 x 70 mm


Catalogue Number: P-203a

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)