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Italy 10000 Lire 1984

Item Code: IT-112B

Front: Physicist Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta (18 February 1745 – 5 March 1827). Voltaic battery - electric
battery prototype. Winged lion of St. Mark, symbol of Venice above three shields of Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi. Back: Mausoleum
of Alessandro Volta in Como. Watermark: Portrait of Alessandro Volta; Electrotype "BI" monogram. Signatures: Carlo Azeglio
Ciampi (Governor); Lascia Speziali (Cashier). Drawing: Giovanni Pino (obverse & reverse). Etching: Alberto Canfarini (obverse);
Franco Zannotti (reverse). Legislation: Ministerial Decree of 3 September 1984. Paper: High quality, slightly coloured, special
pulp, watermark, luminous fibrils and a vertical security thread. Issuer: Bank of Italy. Date of Issue: 3 September 1984.
Withdrawn: 28 February 2002. Exchanged until: 1 March 2012. Legal tender: No. Characteristics: Copperplate, dry and
wet offset. Notes Issued: 3,200,000,000. Printer: Officina della Banca d'Italia (Bank of Italy Printing Works).

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Dimensions: 133 x 70 mm

Texts: Banca d'Italia. Lire Diecimila pagabili a vista al portatore. La legge punisce i fabbricatori e gli spacciatori di biglietti falsi.
Decreto ministeriale 3 Settembre 1984.

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