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Italy 500 Lire 1966-1975

Item Code: IT-93

Front: Eagle at left, with its wings spread, attacking a coiled serpent held in its talons. Dolphins jumping in and out of the waves. Head of the nymph Aretusa in profile. Back: Denominational guilloche design with stylised waves motif. Watermark: Cornucopias situated vertically on the left and right margins of the banknote. Security features: Watermark. Running serial numbers. Coloured fibres fluorescing under ultraviolet light. Main colours: Grey and yellow. Signatures: (as depicted) Ludovico Nuvoloni (Director General of the Treasury - Il direttore generale del tesoro); Gubbio/Gubbels (Special Cashier - Il cassiere speciale); Ventura Signoretti (for the Court of Auditors - V. per la corte dei conti). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Repubblica Italiana. Design: R. Mura Dis. First Date of Issue: 20 June 1966. Withdrawn from circulation: Unknown. Legal tender: No. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: I.P.S. Officina Carte Valori, Roma.

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Dimensions: 110 x 55 mm

Texts: Repubblica Italiana. Cinquecento Lire. Five Hundred Lire. Biglietto di stato a corso legale.

Italy Banknote Gallery | Italian Banknotes For Sale

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