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Mauritius 50 Rupees (1986) (A/1 617122) AU

Mauritius 50 Rupees (1986) (A/1 617122) AU
Product Code
35.00 ($ 37.80)
50 Rupees (1986) (Front: Coat of arms depicting Dodo (Raphus cucullatus), Sambar deer (Rusa unicolor), lymphad, palm trees, sugar cane, key. Galley or Birlinn (Lymphad, a vessel, a single-masted ship propelled by oars) from the quarterly azure of the Mauritian coat of arms, with three flags. Pottery of Mauritius artisans. Statues of Queen Victoria and Sir William Stevenson (1805 - 1863) in front of the Government House in Port Louis. Two birds perching on a tree branch (see-through feature). Back: Fauna and flora of Mauritius: Trochetia boutoniana (native name: Boucle d'Oreille) - since 1992 the national flower of Mauritius; Butterfly; Deer; Mauritius Kestrel (Falco punctatus). Watermark: Dodo bird (Raphus cucullatus). Security features: Watermark. Consecutively running horizontal serial numbers on the obverse of the banknote. Vertical, solid, 0.5 mm wide security thread. Central part of the obverse and three scattered denominations "50" and the coat of arms fluorescing in yellow colour while exposed to an ultraviolet light. Predominant colours: Blue, purple and green. Signatures: Indurduth Ramphul (Governor of the Bank, June 1982 to March 1996); Ranapartab Tacouri (Managing Director, June 1982 to April 1996). Printing method: Intaglio (Printmaking). Issuer: Bank of Mauritius (est. September 1967). Date of Issue: 5 November 1986 (1985-1991). Circulation: 1986-1998. Demonetised: 1 October 1999. Total issue: 14.382.577. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. Ltd., New Malden, Surrey, England) (Serial # A/1 617122) AU

Dimensions: 156 x 67 mm


Catalogue Number: P-37a

Grade/condition: About Uncirculated (AU) (about new, about unused, about mint)