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Ref # Description Image
PY-156   5 Pesos L.1907 (female)   [Photo]
PY-191   1000 Guaranies L.1952 (Independence)   [Front] [Back]
PY-193   1 Guarani L.1952 (soldier; Palacio Legislativo)   [Picture & Info]
PY-195a   5 Guaranies (1963) (Paraguayan girl; Hotel Guarani)   [Picture & Info]
PY-195b   5 Guaranies (1963) (Paraguayan girl; H\otel Guarani)   [Picture & Info]
PY-196   10 Guaranies L.1952 (General Garay; bridge)   [Picture & Info]
PY-197   50 Guaranies L.1952 (M.J.F. Estigarribia; country road)   [Picture & Info]
PY-199   100 Guaranies (1963) (General Jose E. Diaz; ruins)   [Photo]
PY-199s   100 Guaranies L.1952 SPECIMEN   [Front] [Back]
PY-201s   1000 Guaranies L.1952 SPECIMEN   [Front] [Back]
PY-201x   1000 Guaranies L.1952 mismatched #   [Front] [Back]
PY-202s   5000 Guaranies L.1952 SPECIMEN   [Front] [Back]
PY-205   100 Guaranies L.1952 (General Diaz; Ruins of Humaita)   [Picture & Info]
PY-206   500 Guaranies (1982) (General Caballero; merchant ship)   [Picture & Info]
PY-212   500 Guaranies (1995) (Gen. B.Caballero, ship)   [Photo]
PY-214   1000 Guaranies 1998 (M.F. Lopez; Oratorio & Panteon)   [Photo]
PY-220   5000 Guaranies 2000 (Don Carlos A. Lopez; Palace)   [Photo]
PY-222   1000 Guaranies 2004 (Mariscal Francisco Solano Lopez)   [Picture & Info]
PY-223a   5000 Guaranies 2005 (Don Carlos Antonio Lopez; palace)   [Picture & Info]
PY-224   10000 Guaranies 2004 (Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia)   [Picture & Info]
PY-224d   10000 Guaranies 2010 (Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia)   [Picture & Info]
PY-225   20000 Guaranies 2005 (Paraguayan woman; Central Bank)   [Picture & Info]
PY-228a   2000 Guaranies 2008 (Adela & Celsa Speratti; flag parade)   [Picture & Info]
PY-228d   2000 Guaranies 2017 (Adela & Celsa Speratti; flag parade)   [Picture & Info]
PY-230a   20000 Guaranies 2007 (Paraguayan woman; Central Bank)   [Picture & Info]
PY-234b   5000 Guaranies 2016 (Don Carlos Antonio Lopez; palace)   [Picture & Info]
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