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Paraguay 2000 Guaraní 2017 (2008–2017)

Item Code: PY-228d

Front: Educators and sisters Adela Speratti (1865–1902) and Celsa Speratti (1868–1938). Paraguayan coat of arms. Coat of arms of the Treasury, lion with Phrygian cap and the inscription "Paz y Justicia (Peace and Justice). Reverse: School student parade with flags. Shadow image: Central Bank's monogram "BCP". Security features: Transparent window in a shape of an open book. Consecutively running red ascending horizontal and black vertical serial numbers on the obverse of the banknote. Parts of the design of the front and the serial numbers fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Main colour: Purple. Artist: Unknown. Engraver: Unknown. Signatures: Carlos Fernández Valdovinos (Presidente, 2013–2018); José Cantero Sienra (Gerente General*, 2017–2019). Printing method: Offset. Issuer: Central Bank of Paraguay. Date of Issue: 2017. Material: Polymer plastic substrate. Printer: Info pending.

Paraguayan Banknote Gallery

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Dimensions: 156 x 67 mm
*/Holger Insfran, Gerente General December 2019— (for future banknote signatures)

Texts: El Banco Central del Paraguay reconoce este billete por Dos Mil Guaranies. Mokoi Su Guarani. Two Thousand Guaraní. Republica del Paraguay. Paz y Justicia. Este billete tiene curso legal y fuerza cancelatoria ilimitada en todo el territorio de la Republica (Ley 489 del 29 de Junio de 1995).

Paraguay Banknote Gallery | Paraguayan Banknotes For Sale

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