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Don't just stash the cash.... Collect it!       ENTER MOBILE FRIENDLY STORE   Mobile Shopping   Our mobile friendly store is still u/c and while it is operational, some products have not been added yet.
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Click to e-mail us. We reply within 24 hours. Phone support is available to placed orders.
This a a fully operational store that works on all systems. It may be more difficult to use it on a small mobile device or a cellphone.   Desktop PC Shopping   ENTER DESKTOP, LAPTOP & BIGGER MOBILE DEVICE FRIENDLY STORE       Don't just stash the cash.... Collect it!
Museum of World Banknotes
Maintaining Good Karma is Our Principle. We are a family run small business and we do not employ a marketing team. Our website is simple, but functional. Being an International Bank Note Society IBNS Life Member Nș189 we adhere to their and our own high standards of honesty and integrity. Most importantly, our goal is to serve our customers. Thank you so much for your attention, patience and participation. We appreciate your business.
Don't just stash the cash.... Collect it!       ENTER TEXT VERSION OF OUR STORE   Text Shopping to Cart   Our world paper money pricelist (no other collectibles listed in it; visit the above stores) is an easy way to shop by reading plain text and adding desired items to a virtual shopping basket connected to our desktop-friendly store.

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