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France 5 Francs 4.11.1966 (L.39/0096013830) (circulated) VF

France 5 Francs 4.11.1966 (L.39/0096013830) (circulated) VF
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$ 35.00 (31.50)
5 Francs 4.11.1966 (Obverse: Effigy of the French microbiologist and chemist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895). Pasteur Institute in Paris. Reverse: Bust of Louis Pasteur. Statue (by Truffot) of a fifteen-year-old shepherd, Jean-Baptiste Jupille, in front of Pasteur Institute, who lived not far from Arbois at Villers-Farlay in the department of Jura, subduing a mad dog / wolf infected with rabies. Jupille was a second child saved from rabies. Microscope and other laboratory implements. Animals used in Pasteur's experiments: sheep, chicken, rabbits. The frame of the image is made up of crystals and reproductions of mosaics that line the crypt of the tomb of Pasteur. Watermark: Portrait of Louis Pasteur in profile. Main colour: Multicolor (Polychrome). Work by: Pierrette Lambert. Engraved by: Renaud. Signatures: Raoul Tondu (Le Caissier Général); P. Gargam (Le Secrétaire Général); H. Morant (Le Controleur Général). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Bank of France. First Date of Issue: 5th May 1966. Withdrawn from circulation: Unknown. Legal tender: No. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Banque de France) (Serial # L.39/0096013830) (circulated) VF

Dimensions: 140 x 75 mm


Catalogue Number: P-146a

Grade/condition: Very Fine (VF) (medium used, circulated)