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Currency Gallery: San Marino
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SM-MG1   To be updated   [Picture & Info]
SM-MG2   200 Lire 2016 (Guaita castle; Liberty) Artist's Essay   [Picture & Info]
SM-MG3   100 Lire 2018 (Nude; Basilica di San Marino) Artist's Essay   [Picture & Info]
    Before 1.1.2002 San Marino was using the Italian Lire banknotes and its own
coins. Since 1.1.2002 San Marino uses the
    The lira was the currency of San Marino from the 1860s until the introduction of
the euro in 2002. It was equivalent to the Italian lira. Italian coins and banknotes
and Vatican City coins were legal tender in San Marino, while Sammarinese
coins, minted in Rome, were legal tender throughout Italy, as well as in the
Vatican City.
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