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South Viet-Nam 1 Dong (1956)

South Viet-Nam 1 Dong (1956)
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1 Dong (1956) (ront: Hung Vuong Temple in Saigon. Ornamental guilloche pattern and denomination rosettes. Back: Vietnamese History Museum entrance in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh). Watermark: Tiger's head in profile. Signatures: Nguyen Van Dong (Chief Inspector - TỔNG KIỂM-TRA); Tu Van Quy (Cashier - THỦ-QUỶ TRUNG ƯƠNG). Main colour: Green. Security features: Running serial number and series in black on the front of the banknote. Issuer: National Bank of Viet-Nam (Ngân-Hàng Quôc-Gia Viêt Nam). Date of Issue: 1956. Date of withdrawal: 1962. Legal tender: No. Material: Cotton fiber paper. Printing method: Intaglio. Printer: Thomas De La Rue)

Dimensions: 123 x 78 mm

Catalogue Number: P-1a

Texts: NGÂN-HÀNG QUỐC-GIA VIỆT-NAM. NATIONAL BANK OF VIETNAM. MỘT ĐỒNG. ONE DONG. HÌNH LUẬT PHẠT KHỔ-SAI NHỬNG KẺ NÀO LÀM GIẢ MẠO GIẤY BẠC DO NGÂN-HÀNG QUỐC-GIA VIỆT-NAM PHÁT RA. Criminal law sentences to penal labor for counterfeiting paper money issued by the National Bank of Vietnam.