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Ref # Description Image
TG-802T   500 Francs (1959-61) (mask carving, girl, tractor)   [Obverse & Reverse]
TG-806T   500 Francs 1985 (artwork; cattle; aerial view; mask)   [Picture Info]
TG-810T   500 Francs 1991 (flood control dam; native art)   [Picture Info]
TG-811Ta   1000 Francs 1991 (Peanuts hauling; storage bins)   [Obverse & Reverse]
TG-811Tl   1000 Francs 2002 ((Peanuts hauling; storage bins)   [Picture Info]
TG-812T   2500 Francs 1994 (female; dam; fruit spraying)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
TG-819Tb   500 Francs 2013/14 (Sawfish; touch tablet; hippos)   [Picture Info]
TG-815Te   1000 Francs 2012 (Education; healthcare; camels)   [Picture Info]
TG-815Tm   1000 Francs 2013 (Education; healthcare; camels)   [Picture Info]
TG-815Tq   1000 Francs 2017 (Education; healthcare; camels)   [Picture Info]
TG-816Tl   2000 Francs 2012 (Sawfish; transport; Grouper)   [Picture Info]
TG-816Tm   2000 Francs 2013 (Sawfish; transport; Grouper)   [Picture Info]
TG-817Tj   5000 Francs 2011 (Sawfish; agriculture; antelopes)   [Picture Info]
TG-817Tl   5000 Francs 2012 (Sawfish; agriculture; antelopes)   [Picture Info]
TG-818Ti   10000 Francs 2011 (Sawfish; telecommunications)   [Picture Info]
TG-818Tj   10000 Francs 2012 (Sawfish; telecommunications)   [Picture Info]
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