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Tunisia 1 Dinar 1980 (B/1 0917xx) UNC

Tunisia 1 Dinar 1980 (B/1 0917xx) UNC
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11.00 ($ 11.99)
1 Dinar 15.10.1980 (Front: Ruins of Roman Amphitheatre of Carthage; First President Habib Ben Ali Bourguiba; Back: A partial sight of the seaside resort of Korbous in the Cap Bon; Watermark: Portrait of President Habib Bourguiba) (Serial Nos: B/1 0917xx) UNC

Habib Bourguiba (born August 3, 1903 in Monastir, Tunisia – died April 6, 2000) was a Tunisian statesman and was the first President of the Republic of Tunisia from July 25, 1957 to November 7, 1987. He is often compared to Turkish leader Mustapha Kemal Atatürk because of the pro-Western reforms enacted during his presidency. During the time Bourguiba was president education received a higher priority. Bourguiba also made an innovative difference within the Arab and Islamic world concerning women's rights. He prohibited polygamy and he legalized divorce. He also raised the nubile age of girls to 17 years.

Dimensions: 151 x 70 mm


Catalogue Number: P-74

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)