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Ref # Description Image
VE-50   5 Bolivares 29.1.1974 (S.Bolivar, Pantheon)   [Photo]
VE-60   10 Bolivares 6.10.1981   [Photo]
VE-61   10 Bolivares 5.6.1995 (Simon Bolivar; Mariscal Sucre)   [Photo]
VE-63   20 Bolivares 5.6.1995 (Jose A. Paez; Carabobo monument)   [Picture & Info]
VE-65   50 Bolivares 5.6.1995 (Andres Bello; Banco Central)   [Picture & Info]
VE-66   100 Bolivares 13.10.1998 (Simon Bolivar; Capitolio Nacional)   [Picture & Info]
VE-67   500 Bolivares 31.5.1990 (Simon Bolivar, orchids)   [Photo]
VE-68   1 Bolivar 5.10.1989 (Bolivar coin; arms; rosette)   [Photo]
VE-69   2 Bolivares 5.10.1989 (Simon Bolivar coin head; arms)   [Picture & Info]
VE-70   5 Bolivares 21.9.1989 (Simon Bolivar; F. de Miranda)   [Picture & Info]
VE-71   20 Bolivares 20.10.1987 (sailships)   [Photo]
VE-76   1000 Bolivares 6.8.1998 (Simon Bolivar; Independence)   [Photo]
VE-77   2000 Bolivares 6.8.1998 (Antonio Jose de Sucre; battle)   [Picture & Info]
VE-80   2000 Bolivares 29.10.1998 (Andres Bello; Pico Bolivar)   [Picture & Info]
VE-84   5000 Bolivares 13.8.2002 (de Miranda; Represa del Guri)   [Photo]
VE-86   20000 Bolivares 16.8.2001 (Simon Rodriguez; Angel Falls)   [Photo]
VE-88   2 Bolivares 20.3.2007 (Francisco de Miranda; dolphins)   [Picture & Info]
VE-88b   2 Bolivares 24.5.2007 (Francisco de Miranda; dolphins)   [Picture & Info]
VE-89   5 Bolivares 20.3.2007 (Negro Primero; Giant armadillo)   [Picture & Info]
VE-90   10 Bolivares 20.3.2007 (Guaicaipuro; Harpy eagle)   [Picture & Info]
VE-91   20 Bolivares 20.3.2007 (Luisa Caceres de Arismendi; turtles)   [Picture & Info]
VE-91e   20 Bolivares 3.2.2011 (L.Caceres de Arismendi; turtles)   [Picture & Info]
VE-92e   50 Bolivares 3.2.2011 (Simon Rodriguez; Spectacled bear)   [Picture & Info]
VE-93d   100 Bolivares 3.9.2009 (Simon Bolivar; Cardenalitos)   [Picture & Info]
VE-100   100000 Bolivares 13.12.2017 (Simon Bolivar; Cardenalitos)   [Picture & Info]
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