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Venezuela 5 Bolivares 15.1.2018 (C781043xx) UNC

Venezuela 5 Bolivares 15.1.2018 (C781043xx) UNC
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1.00 ($ 1.05)
5 Bolivares 15.1.2018 (Front: Portrait of José Félix Ribas (1775 - 1815), hero of the Venezuelan War of Independence (painting by Martín Tovar y Tovar (1827-1902)). Map outlines of Aragua State, where Henri Pittier NP and also José Félix Ribas Municipality are located. Back: Veragua stubfoot toad or Rancho Grande harlequin frog a.k.a. Sapito rayado (Atelopus cruciger), frog that is endemic to Venezuela. Aragua valleys (Valles de Aragua) - Henri Pittier National Park. Anthropomorphic statuette of Trujillo culture. Venezuelan coat of arms. Watermark: Portrait of Simón Bolívar; Electrotype "BCV". Security features: Watermarked paper. Consecutively running black and red serial numbers on the obverse of the banknote. Embedded, 1 mm wide metallic security thread bearing demetalized text "BCV". Frog and five-pointed star registration feature. Parts of the design and the coloured filament fibers (hairs) on both sides of the banknote fluoresce while exposed to an ultraviolet light. Predominant colour: Shades of orange. Signatures: Ramón Augusto Lobo Moreno (Presidente BCV, 2017-2018); Sohail Hernández Parra (Primer VicePresidente BCV). Date of issue: 15 January 2018. Circulation from: 20 August 2018. Material: Cotton fiber paper. Issuer: Banco Central de Venezuela. Printer: Casa de la Moneda, Venezuela) (Serial Nos: C781043xx) UNC

Dimensions: 157 x 69 mm


Catalogue Number: P-102

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)