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Great world banknote catalogue for a beginner and an advanced banknote collector and dealer! Period covered: 1961 and present.   Great book for an advanced banknote collector and dealer! Period covered: 1368-1960   Best book for a collector and dealer of locally and privately issued banknotes!
Three essential banknote catalogs every collector must own
We are buying selected European currency banknotes that are in a nice condition
VF to UNC). Contact us if you have a substantial amount (US$50+) of any of the
paper currencies: Scottish Pound, Finnish Markkaa, Portuguese Escudo,
Italian Lire, Luxembourg
Franc, Austrian Schilling, Dutch Gulden, Irish Punt, French
Spanish Peseta, German Mark, Greek Drachma, Belgian Franc, Iceland
Kronur, Swiss Franc, Swedish Krona, Norwegian and Danish Krone. We will buy
other lightly circulated or new world banknotes remaining from your travels, including
defunct currencies.
Mail for a best offer.
American Currency Exhibit by Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
Banknotes.com - Kaufen und Verkaufen des Papiergeldes, der Banknoten, der Münzen und der Stempel. Fotogalerie und Lose wertvolle Informationen für Kollektoren.
Banknotes.com - Achats et vente de billets de collections. Disponibilité de billets rares. Catalogue de vente de billets, papier-monnaie, numismatique, monnaies, pièces et timbres.
Banknotes.com - Si occupa di compravendita diretta e su commissione di monete antiche e moderne, cartamoneta, banconota, e filatelia. Dedicato in particolare ai collezionisti di banconote, cartamoneta e monete.
We are buying old Chinese banknotes that are in a nice condition (VF to UNC).
Contact us if you have a substantial accumulation of paper money from China that
were issued between 1900 and 1960.
Mail those banknotes to us for a best offer.
We are buying old Chinese banknotes that are in a nice condition (VF to UNC).
Banknotes.com - Venta de monedas, billetes, papel moneda, sellos postales. Información y punto de encuentro para los aficionados a coleccionar sellos postales y papelmoneda de diversos países. Catálogo de monedas y billetes con fotografías.
Banknotes.com - Site de numismática, notafilia. Compra, coleção e venda de cédulas e moedas do mundo. Informa sobre catálogos numismáticos, história do papel-moeda, exposições virtuais e traz diversas imagens de cédulas. Moedas, suprimentos e catálogos para venda, página com informativos. Venda de cédulas, moedas, catálogos, material numismático, medalhas, álbuns, notas, coleções estrangeiro. Imagens de moedas, selos e cédulas.
Banknote.ws - great illustrated reference on world banknotes.
EuroBillTracker.com - follow your Euro notes in their tracks.
FrenchBanknotes.com - French-printed banknote images, details of the artists who designed them and the central banks that issued them.
Moneypedia.de - very informational website on world banknotes (in German).
Numismatic Crime Information Center - The Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC) was established in 1986 to coordinate and collaborate intiatives between law enforcement and the numismatic community in "Targeting Numismatic Crimes Around the World". NCIC is devoted exclusively to assist law enforcement and victims during the investigation of numismatic crimes and to provide the necessary tools and resources to effectively investigate the complex challenges encountered during these types of investigations. NCIC provides technical assistance to law enforcement and focuses on the identification, apprehension and prosecution of individual suspects and Organized Crime Groups who target and prey on the numismatic community. Their crime report form is unfortunately dysfunctional.
Papiergeld - German paper money web site in German.
Peter Symes - Publishing and researching world paper money.
Signatories of Spanish Banknotes
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ImmovableProperty.com - Immovable Property (Real Estate) World Wide.
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