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Papua New Guinea 20 Kina 2001/2006 (BP 01000454) UNC

Papua New Guinea 20 Kina 2001/2006 (BP 01000454) UNC
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30.00 ($ 36.00)
20 Kina 2001/7 (Front: Bird of Paradise - National Emblem; The background tints consist of lineal patterns incorporating various items of interest from different areas of Papua New Guinea. The following articles have been included in the overall design: Arm band decorations from the Manus Island; Decoration from a Kap Kap ornament from Manus Island; Decoration from Pottery of the Sepik Area; Decoration from a 'Spirit Board' of the Sepik Area; A Decoration from a Mask of the Sepik Area; Shield decoration from a canoe Prow from the Milne Bay Area; Areas of design associated with decoration from the Highlands; Part of a Ceremonial Tubuan Head-dress from the New Britain Area. The local art form patterns surrounding the value numerals represent an impressionist lineal pattern of a pig. Back: Head of a Boar; Toea Arm Band from Central Province, a Crowrie Shell Necklace from Madang Area and Shell Ornament peculiar to the Western Province. The background tints incorporate lineal patterns based on actual designs of various items as follows: Designs taken from a Mount Hagen Axe and Shield from the Highlands; Designs taken from Tapa Cloth from the Northern Province; Designs from a Kap Kap of the Manus Area; Decorations from a Shield from the Gulf Area; Decorations from a 'Food Hok' from the Milne Bay Area; Design typical of the Central Province) (Serial # BP 01000454) UNC

This banknote is made from a polymer plastic substrate.

Dimensions: 150 x 75 mm


Catalogue Number: P-26A

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

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