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Welcome to Banknotes.comTM World Currency Museum. In our free online Museum & Gallery on display we have thousands of different images of banknotes from all around the world. Majority of our banknote images in this educative Banknote Museum & Gallery are comprised of paper and polymer banknotes, currency notes, both legal tender and obsolete, and even some novelty and advertising

notes that were purchased and scanned (photographed) by our digital art department. Some of the images were donated by other individuals. Your purchases help this Museum & Gallery grow and remain free of charge. Please note that we do not sell the donated images. Please also read the Copyright information. We'd like to show our sincere thanks to you for your readership and support.





Don't just stash the cash.... Collect it!Don't just stash the cash.... Collect it!Don't just stash the cash.... Collect it!

NOTICE: Small number of our images in this complimentary and educative online Museum and Gallery may be downloaded for reuse by news media, or for educational or scientific purposes. As appropriate, our digital art department support will provide prints or high-resolution digital versions of images to the qualified publishers. We may charge for the scanning labour in order to provide you with high quality scans. In all cases, published credit must be given to "Banknotes.com".

These images may not be used for commercial purposes. Banknotes.comTM will consider and respond to written requests for specific usage. Please contact us to direct your queries regarding note prints, permission, and acceptable usage of these images. With each request, include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, company, intended use of photos, desired resolution in dots per inch (dpi) and the identification number(s) of the requested image(s).

Hotlinking to our images is strictly forbidden. Violators' IP addresses may be blocked from accessing Banknotes.comTM. If you wish to link to some of our images (via HTM pages only) from your website then do contact us first to get our permission and conditions of usage and we will get back to you.

If you like and enjoy visiting our free complimentary and educational Banknote Museum and wish to donate digital money, cash, or collectible banknotes, then please click on the button below:



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Thank you for your kind donations! Selling us Uncirculated banknotes at 5% to 10% premium above the exchange rate is also considered a kind of donation. Please note, if you donate $1 we will only receive $0.67 since Paypal's minimum fee is $0.33. Bookkeeping costs may be higher than the small donation amounts received, therefore please donate cash and banknotes by mail instead. If you wish to send anonymous cash donations for as little as $1, please mail them to our postal address. We truly appreciate your banknote and cash donations!

NEW! List of Donators (with links to their websites) (minimum donation to make to the list - US$5)

Last update: 14 February 2022

Don't just stash the cash.... Collect it!Don't just stash the cash.... Collect it!Don't just stash the cash.... Collect it!
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