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Portugal 100 Escudos 16.10.1986 (Sig: Moreira & Reis) (AHG 32969) (lt. circulated) XF-AU

Portugal 100 Escudos 16.10.1986 (Sig: Moreira & Reis) (AHG 32969) (lt. circulated) XF-AU
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12.00 ($ 13.08)
100 Escudos 16.10.1986 (Obverse: Poet and writer Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa (13 June 1888 – 30 November 1935) wearing spectacles (eyeglasses) and a Fedora hat. Portuguese coat of arms (Armillary sphere + the quinas + the castles). Stylised rosebud. Reverse: Stylized rosebud. Dat Rosa Mel Apibus. Rosea Cruz. Festoon of 70+ heteronyms (pen names, pseudonyms) of Fernando Pessoa. Watermark: Identical portrait of Fernando Pessoa without a hat. Security features: Running serial numbers on the obverse. Watermark. Embedded metallic security strip, 0.5 mm thin. Invisible filament fibres (hairs) that fluoresce under UV light. Predominant colour: Blue. Date on the banknote: 16 October 1986. Artist: Prof. Luis Filipe de Abreu Inv. Signatures: José Alberto Tavares Moreira (Governor – O Governador); Abel António Pinto dos Reis (Administrator – O Administrador). Issuer: Banco de Portugal. Total Emission: 135 million banknotes. Demonetized: 31 January 1992. Legal tender: Redeemable until 31-1-2012. Material: Cotton fiber paper. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited, England (TDLR)) (Serial # AHG 32969) (lightly circulated) XF-AU

Dimensions: 149 x 75 mm

IMPORTANT: The banknote picture is for reference only (unless its serial number exactly matches its description). Photos displaying the entire banknote should not be treated as WYSIWYG for signature and date varieties, for exact serial numbers etc. Smaller supplemental photos of signatures are WYSIWYG indeed. Our textual descriptions are your reliable guide to what you will receive. What you read is what you get (WYRIWYG).

Catalogue Number: P-179a(4) (Albert Pick; Krause; Banknote-ws)

Grade/condition: Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated (XF-AU) (lightly– circulated, used)

Texts: Banco de Portugal. Cem Escudos. One Hundred Escudos. Chapa 9. Lisboa, 16 de Outubro de 1986. Ricardo Reis, Álvaro de Campos, Bernardo Soares, Chevalier de Pas, Alberto Caeiro.

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