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European Union 1 Million Euro 2000 (not real money) (NB051326) UNC

European Union 1 Million Euro 2000 (not real money) (NB051326) UNC
Product Code
$ 25.00 (22.50)
European Union 1 Million Euro 2000 (Euro symbol inside 12 stars; handshake; 15 flags of pre-2004 EU members) Not real money, but looks and feels so real. (Serial # NB051326) UNC

Limited issue of 150000. All of it is already sold out. Only a few pieces remain.


These privately designed and printed non-legal-tender non-negotiable notes are not real money, but are excellent material for promotions, gifts, entertainment or simply having fun.

These limited edition commemorative notes are printed on a high quality security paper and incorporate a wide variety of security features in order to ensure verification and authenticity of your collectible note.

Each note has a unique serial number.

Special security features incorporated in these notes:

- Visible non-fluorescent banknote fibers;

- Intaglio (engraved) printing process of the type used to produce U.S. and other currency;

- Micro-printed, metalised security thread on security background;

- Invisible fluorescent inks used in printing;

- Invisible fluorescent blue fiber that can be seen under ultraviolet light;

- Micro-printed security thread with fluorescent dye;

- These notes are chemically reactive to acids and caustic agents (produce coloured stains when tampered with);

- Pop-up VOID tint on the face of the note;

- Invisible text message on the back of the note that can only be viewed under ultraviolet light;

- Front to back register of images;

- Microline printing;

- Fine line guilloche tints that are difficult to copy or photograph with accuracy.

All plates and films used were destroyed after production.

Fun Notes - Fantasy Banknotes - Play Money - Non-Negotiable Banknotes - Novelty Items - Private Issue.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: trying to cash this note at a bank is illegal. These notes are not a financial instrument and can not be cashed or spent.

Catalogue Number: none

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

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