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Papua New Guinea 10 Kina 2002 (AL0229027x) UNC

Papua New Guinea 10 Kina 2002 (AL0229027x) UNC
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14.00 ($ 16.80)
10 Kina 2002 (Front: Bird of Paradise - National Emblem; National Parliament building; The background tints surrounding the National Emblem on the front of this banknote include patterns taken from the following items: The Parliament House design; A Canoe from Milne Bay Province; Sepik Spears; A Madang Shield; Designs based on patterns seen on a bow from the Highlands; A Sepik House Post and Wood Carvings from the New Ireland area. The patterns surrounding the numerals are based on an illustration of a bird. Back: Tami Bowl; Bird of Pardise Skin; Tambu Shell Money from the New Britain Area; Boars Tusks from the Highlands. Background tints for this value include patterns taken from: The Parliament House design; A Gulf Shield Ceremonial Dance Paddle from Bougainville; A Sepik Clay Pot; A Gulf Belt; Marriage Bed Posts from the Manus Province. Signatures: Leonard Wilson Kamit (Governor); Koiari Tarata (Secretary, Department of Treasury)) (Serial Nos: AL0229027x) UNC

This banknote is made from a polymer plastic substrate.

Dimensions: 150 x 75 mm


Catalogue Number: P-26b

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

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