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Faroe Islands 200 Krónur 2011 (C0111C/065976C) UNC

Faroe Islands 200 Krónur 2011 (C0111C/065976C) UNC
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65.00 ($ 78.00)
200 Krónur 2011 (Front: Faroese fauna: Ghost Moth (Hepialus humuli) among blades of grass in watercolour style. Reverse: Faroese landscapes: View of Tindhólmur islet as seen from Vágar island. Watermark: Ram's head; Electrotype circular religious symbol. Security features: Consecutively running horizontal black block and black serial numbers on the obverse of the banknote. Invisible colored filament fibers (hairs) (that are sparsely distributed throughout the banknote), the denomination, the ~17 mm wide "Mother of Pearl" stripe (executed in purple iridescent paint) and small parts of the banknote design fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Yellow EURion constellation (Omron rings or doughnuts). Solid embedded 1 mm wide metallic security thread and then quite next to it there is another, purple in colour, windowed, segmented (on the obverse), positioned vertically, 3,5 mm wide polymer security thread that has opposite motion picture that moves up and down if the banknote is tilted sideways and vice versa. Inspirational circular religious symbol from old wooden churches that serves as a see-through feature. Raised ink. Main colours: Purple and tan brown. Artist: Zacharias Heinesen (watercolours). Engraver: Banknote Printing Works. Signatures: Dan Michael Knudsen (High Commissioner, 2008–2017), Aksel Vilhelmsson Johannesen (Minister of Finance (2011), Prime Minister, 2015–2019). Printing method: Offset and intaglio. Issuer: Faeroe Islands Government, Danish Administration. First date of issue and circulation: 19 January 2004. Date of issue: 19 March 2012. Legal tender: Yes. Material: The banknotes are printed on dirt-resistant cotton fiber paper that is much stronger than normal writing paper. Printer: Denmarks Nationalbank's Banknote Printing Works and the Royal Danish Mint) (Serial # C0111C/065976C) UNC

Dimensions: 145 x 71 mm


Catalogue Number: P-31

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC)

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