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Zimbabwe 10 Dollars 2020 (AS75523xx) UNC

Zimbabwe 10 Dollars 2020 (AS75523xx) UNC
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3.00 ($ 3.24)
Denomination and date: 10 Dollars 2020

Front: Chiremba Balancing Rocks (Domboremari, the Money Rock) with palm trees in the northern approaches of the town of Epworth near Harare, Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia). Denomination marker "10" in optically variable ink (OVI).

Back: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) HQ Tower 28-story skyscraper building in Harare. Cape Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) also known as African buffalos. Ornamental guilloche pattern, lathework.

Watermark: The Great Zimbabwe Bird; Electrotype 'RBZ'; Reinforced security strip horizontal bars.

Security features: Latent image 'TEN'. Zimbabwe emblem as registration device. Consecutively running red & black horizontal serial numbers on the reverse of the banknote. Vertical, windowed (segmented) on the front, solid 3 mm wide metallic security thread with bi-directional floating motion image, with demetalized "RBZ 10" repeated throughout. EURion constellation or Omron rings (doughnuts). Extremely sparingly embedded filament fibers (hairs), the serial numbers, Omron rings, Hi-lite '10' denomination block and part of the elements of the banknote design fluoresce while being exposed to an ultraviolet light. The number '10' of the banknote's denomination executed in Optically Variable Ink (OVI). Microprint.

Tactile feature: Four dash bars on top of each other next to the latent image block help the blind and the visually impaired people recognize the banknote.

Main colour: Red.

Signature: John Panonetsa Mangudya (Governor; May 2014).

Artist: F.P.R.Z.

Date of issue: 15 May 2020.

Material: Hybrid substrate.

Issuer: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

Printing method: Intaglio (raised ink).

Printer: Fidelity Printers & Refiners, Zimbabwe (FPRZ))

Serial Nos: AS75523xx

Dimensions: 157 x 66 mm

Catalogue Number: P-103

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint) - Accordingly to the I.B.N.S. standards

Texts: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. I promise to pay the bearer on demand Ten Dollars for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Harare 2020.

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