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Belgium 100 Francs 26.3.1926 (1856.G.009/46381009) (circulated, repaired) VG-F

Belgium 100 Francs 26.3.1926 (1856.G.009/46381009) (circulated, repaired) VG-F
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20.00 ($ 21.80)
100 Francs 26.3.1926 (Front: King Albert and Queen Élisabeth depicted in a cameo. Lion resting among produce and instruments. Winged hat (petasos) of Hermes (Mercury). Back: Gunsmith at work in his workshop. Cameo portrait of a female. Winged bugs. Hat. Binocular. Pickaxes. Geometric tools. Architectural sights. Fruits. Shield of arms. Watermark: Effigy of King Albert I in profile. Predominant colour: Lilac-brown. Designed by: Guillaume Minguet and Jean-François Freund. Signatures: Henry Stacquet (Le Trésorier); Fernand Hautain (Le Gouverneur). Printer: National Bank of Belgium (BNB)) (Serial # 1856.G.009/46381009) (circulated, repaired) VG-F

Dimensions: 181 x 106 mm

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Catalogue Number: P-95

Grade/condition: Very Good to Fine (VG-F) (circulated, used, long tear roughly repaired with paper)

Texts: Banque Nationale de Belgique. Nationale Bank van Belgie. Honderd Frank betaalbaar op zicht. Cent Francs payables a vue. La loi punit le contrefacteur des travaux forcés. De namaker wordt door de wet met dwangarbeid gestraft.

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