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Brazil 200 Reais 2020 (A1035264856) UNC (CLON)

Brazil 200 Reais 2020 (A1035264856) UNC (CLON)
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75.00 ($ 81.75)
200 Reais 2020 (Front: Laureate effigy of the symbolic sculpture of the Brazilian Republic (República). Stylized Lobeira, Fruita-do-Lobo, Wolf's Apple (Solanum lycocarpum) foliage, fruits and tree. Back: Engraving of the Maned wolf, known in Brazil as Lobo-Guará (Chrysocyon brachyurus). Palm trees. Watermark: Head of the Maned wolf; Electrotype "200". Main colour: Grey. Security features: Consecutively running black and ascending red horizontal serial numbers on the reverse of the banknote. Invisible security fibers (hairs), extremely sparsely distributed throughout the banknote, that fluoresce in blue, the invisible denomination that fluoresces in green and the red serial number that fluoresce in orange while exposed to an ultraviolet light. Solid, vertical, embedded 1 mm wide metallic security thread. Raised ink. Latent image. See-through register. Artist: CdMdB. Engraved by: CdMdB. Signatures: Paulo Guedes (Ministro da Economia, 1.1.2019-); Roberto Campos Neto (Presidente do Banco Central do Brasil, 28.02.2019-). Issuer: Central Bank of Brazil. Date of first issue: 2 September 2020. Withdrawn: Current. Legal tender: Yes. Material: 100% cotton fibre. Printing method: Intaglio. Printer: Casa da Moeda do Brasil) (Serial # A1035264856) UNC

Dimensions: 143 x 65 mm


Catalogue Number: P-258a

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

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