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China 100 Yuan 1941 (L035032) (circulated) F

China 100 Yuan 1941 (L035032) (circulated) F
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25.00 ($ 27.25)
100 Yuan 1941 (Front: Hui Li Temple, commonly known as the West Temple. Ziwei bridge, also known as the West Temple Bridge, which crosses Kip West River (Xiáxi) with roofed boats in it, in Xiashi or Kip Stone Town, Haining city, Zhejiang Province. Back: Arched stone Jade Belt Bridge (Yudai Qiao) on Lake Kunming at Yihéyuán, The Summer Palace. It is also known as "Camel's Back Bridge". Decorative guilloche patterns and rosettes. Watermark: Not present. Security features: Running serial numbers both on the front and on the back of the banknote. Predominant colours: Purple violet. Artist: ABNC. Engraver: Pending. Signatures: Ye Zhuo-tang (General Manager); Chen Huaizhong (Chen Wei-tsung, Chen Huai-Chung) (Assistant General Manager). Security thread: None. Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: The Farmers Bank of China (established on the 1st of April 1935). Date of Issue: Chungking, 1941 = 30th year of the Republic. Withdrawn: Yes. Legal tender: No. Total issue: Information pending. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: American Bank Note Company) (serial # L035032) (circulated) Fine

Dimensions: 183 x 83 mm


Catalogue Number: P-477b

Grade/condition: Fine (F) (used, circulated)

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