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China Collection of 60 All Different Food Ration Coupons (20th century)

China Collection of 60 All Different Food Ration Coupons (20th century)
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Collection (above) of 60 picturesque, all different, spectacular food ration money, rice or grain coupons (20th century - 1970s through 1990s). Scenic, agricultural, industrial, educational, cultural, historical, military and other scenes on 55 coupons and the other five coupons are without illustrations. Some coupons are watermarked. Some coupons may have some ink or oil spots, stains or smears. UNC (some XF-to-UNC).

Dimensions: Small, vary (all coupons easily fit into a 108 x 63 mm envelope)

Depicted are some of the 60 money coupons included in the set.


Catalogue Number: unknown or none

Grade/condition: Uncirculated to Extremely Fine (UNC to XF)

These food ration money coupons (rice coupons; grain coupons) allow the bearer to buy a certain amount/weight of rationed foodstuffs. Rationed foodstuffs included rice, flour and cooking oils. These coupons are called LIANGPIAO (grain and commodity ration coupons).

The average ration was 15 kilograms for a man and 13 kilograms for a woman each month, though it varied somewhat with age, profession and location. Meat was much scarcer and it was rationed at Ban Jin (0.25 kilogram or about half pound) per person per month.

These coupons were given per person, no matter how poor or rich that person was, therefore these food ration coupons (also known as: rice coupons) were and are much scarcer than Chinese Renminbi Yuan banknotes.

The last Liangpiao were issued in 1993-95.

Chinese - International Weight Unit Conversion:

1 Kilogram = 2 Jin = 20 Liang = 2.2 Pounds.
1 Jin = 0.5 Kilograms (500 grams) = 10 Liang = 1.1 Pounds
1 Pound = 0.4545 Kilogram (454 grams) = 0.91 Jin = 9.1 Liang
1 Liang = 0.05 Kilogram (50 grams) = 0.1 Jin = 0.11 Pound = 1.763698 Ounces

Chinese Weight Unit Conversion:

1 Liang = 0.001 Dan = 0.1 Jin = 1.335863 Tael = 10 Qian = 100 Fen = 1000 Li = 10000 Hao = 100000 Si = One Million Hu.

1 Dan = 100 Jin = 1000 Liang.


The Rice Coupon set contains ration coupons from and issued by the following provinces, cities and localities (so far in no particular order):

Anyang prefecture (Henan province)
Bayanzhuoer (Inner Mongolia)
Benxi (a city in Liao Ning province)
Chengdu (the capital of Sichuan province)
Hebi (a city in Henan province)
Heilongjiang province
Hejia (a small county in Henan province)
Henan province
Jiamushi (a city in Inner Mongolia)
Jilin province
Jingzhou (a city in Liaoning province)
Liaoning province
NingXia province
Qinghai (Tsinghai) province
Shanxi province
Sinkiang (Xinjiang) Autonomous region (also bearing Arabic script)
Wuhan (the capital of Hebei province)
Xiangfan (a city in Hebei province)
Xining (the capital of Qinghai province)
XinXiang (a city in Henan province)
Yangzhou (a famous city in Jiangsu province)

NOTICE: The above listing of provinces, regions and cities may not be completely accurate.

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Denmark 20 Kroner 1980 (A5801x/93329xx) UNC
Haiti 500 Gourdes 2003 (T9674xx) UNC
Iraq 50 Dinars 1994 (05098xx nuun-kha/551) UNC
Nepal 5 Rupees (2002) (N,a/25 1006xx) UNC
Russia 10 Roubles 2004 (cX 19006xx) UNC
Sudan 1000 Dinars 1996 (MG00166689) UNC
Mauritania 1000 Ouguiya 28.11.2006 (DJ3203784A) UNC
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