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Collection of 118 Soviet beer labels from XX century

Collection of 118 Soviet beer labels from XX century
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Collection of 118 Soviet beer labels from mid 20th century (around 1970s). The labels are authentic, original and genuine. There are some writings in pencil and some stamped collector addresses in ink on the backs of some of the labels.

Average label width: ~ 80 mm

Countries or Soviet republics where the labels were made at are:

Abkhazia (Georgia) (Abkhazian A.S.S.R.)
Armenia (Armenian S.S.R.)
Belarus (Byelorussian S.S.R.)
Buryatia (Buryat A.S.S.R., Ulan-Ude)
Chuvashia (Chuvash A.S.S.R.)
Estonia (Estonian S.S.R.)
Georgia or Sakartvelo (Abkhazia) (Georgian S.S.R.)
Kazakhstan (Kazakh S.S.R.)
Komi A.S.S.R. (Syktyvkar city)
Kyrgyzstan (Kirgiz S.S.R.)
Lithuania (Lithuanian S.S.R.)
Moldova (Moldavian S.S.R.)
Russian Federation (Russian S.F.S.R.)
Tajikistan (Tajik S.S.R.)
Ukraine (Ukrainian S.S.R.)
Uzbekistan (Uzbek S.S.R.)
Yakutia (Sakha) (Yakut A.S.S.R.)

Remark: Only neck labels were used during those times on most Soviet beer bottles, so these are the main labels.

Price is for the entire collection of 118 beer labels.

Texts: Этикетки от пива. Aлкогольный напиток. Жигулёвское. Таёжное. Наклейки на пивных бутылках. Советские пивные этикетки. Lietuviškas alus. Porteris. Žigulinis. Širvenos. Tarybinės alaus etiketės.
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