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France 10 Francs C.6.7.1978.C. (U.306/7644341951) (circulated) VF

France 10 Francs C.6.7.1978.C. (U.306/7644341951) (circulated) VF
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6.50 ($ 7.09)
10 Francs C.6.7.1978.C. (Front: Louis Hector Berlioz (December 11, 1803 – March 8, 1869) - French Romantic composer, conducting his ´Requiem´ with an orchestra in the Chapelle des Invalides in Paris (Portrait painted by Émile Signol). Back: Hector Berlioz playing a guitar offered by Niccolò Paganini in front of Villa Medici in Rome; In the background, the Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as the Château Saint-Ange (Castel Sant'Angelo) in Rome and the St. Peter's Basilica (Basilique Saint-Pierre; San Pietro; Sancti Petri) in Vatican. Watermark: Profile portrait of Hector Berlioz (after the medallion sculpted by Jean-Pierre Dantanat at the Villa Medici in 1831). Security features: Watermark. Consecutively running, black, horizontal series and serial numbers on the obverse of the banknote. Raised ink. Use of multiple tones in a single dominant colour. Main colour: Orange ocher (ochre). Work by: Lucien Joseph Fontanarosa. Engraved by: Jacques Jubert (front) and Henri Renaud (back). Watermark engraved by Michel Valentini (BdF). Signatures: Gilbert Bouchet (Le Contrôleur G(énér)al, 1967–1979); Pierre Strohl (Le Secrétaire G(énér)al, 1976–1987); Jean-Jacques Tronche (Le Caissier G(énér)al, 1975–1979). Issuer: Bank of France. Dates of Issue: 23 November 1972 through 6 July 1978. Circulation from: 5 November 1974. Withdrawn: 31 December 1980 through 1 January 2002. Legal tender: No, from 15 September 1986. Demonetized: 17 February 2012. Material: Cotton paper fiber. Printing method: Dry offset in four colours (yellow, red, light blue and dark blue). Printer: Banque de France) (Serial # U.306/7644341951) (circulated) VF

Dimensions: 140 x 75 mm


Catalogue Number: P-150c

Grade/condition: Very Fine (VF) (used, circulated)

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