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France 100 Francs 1997 (C 006392950) (circulated) VF-XF

France 100 Francs 1997 (C 006392950) (circulated) VF-XF
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15.00 ($ 16.35)
100 Francs 1997 (Obverse: Portrait of Paul Cézanne (1839–1906). In the background, the evocation of “The sea at l’Estaque”, a painting painted by Paul Cézanne in 1878-79. Above the watermark a view of Jas de Bouffan, a family property. Representation of the painting “The Card Players”. Reverse: An interpretation of “Apples and Biscuits” canvas painted in 1880. A chromatic circle. "The Card Players" extracted from the famous painting. Watermark: Portrait of Paul Cézanne. Work by: Roger Pfund (1943-), Switzerland. Predominant colours: Brown and orange. Signatures: Didier Bruneel (Le Secrétaire Général), Jean Bonnardin (Le Contrôleur Général), Yves Barroux (Le Caissier Général). Printing method: Offset. Issuer: Bank of France. Authorization: 23 January 1997. Date of release into circulation: 15 December 1997. Start of withdrawal: 1 January 2002. Deprivation of legal tender: 17 February 2002. End of redemption: 17 February 2012. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Banque de France (BdF)) (Serial # C 006392950) (circulated) VF-XF

Dimensions: 134 x 80 mm

Catalogue Number: P-158a (SCWPM: Albert Pick; Krause)

Grade/condition: Very Fine to Extra Fine (VF-XF) (circulated, used)

Texts: Banque de France. Cent Francs. Le contrefaçon ou la falsification des billets de banque et la mise en circulation des billets contrefaits ou falsifiés sont punies par les articles 442-1 et 442-2 du code pénal de peines pouvant aller jusqu'à trente ans de réclusion criminelle et trois millions de francs d'amende. One Hundred French Francs.

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