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Israel 20 New Shekels 2017 (0260225656) UNC

Israel 20 New Shekels 2017 (0260225656) UNC
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22.50 ($ 21.60)
20 New Shekels 2017 (Front: Portrait of Rachel Bluwstein the Poetess (1890–1931), a Hebrew language poet. Phoenix palm tree fronds. Back: A classic view of the Lake Kineret shoreline, also known as Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee). Inspired by the poem “Kineret”. Also lines from Rachel the Poetess’s poem “Kineret” and lines from her poem “And Perhaps It Never Happened…”. "20 New Shekels" and "Bank of Israel" in Arabic and English. Watermark: Portrait of Rachel Bluwstein; Electrotype '20'. Security features: Solid, windowed on the reverse, vertical, 3.75 mm wide metallic security thread with demetalized '20' and portrait of Rachel Bluwstein. Also a transparent glittering 10 mm wide color-changing security thread bearing multiple '20' and menora images. Open book as a as a gold-to-green SPARK element. Consecutively running black and brown serial numbers on the reverse of the banknote. Watermarked paper. Registration device on the front merges with a pattern on the back to form a stylized menora when held against the light. Extremely sparsely distributed invisible filament fibres (hairs), the security thread, the yellow denomination '20' and the poetess'es quote fluoresce under UV light. Tactile feature: There are two angular intaglio lines near the lower left and right corners of the obverse to enable physical identification of the note for the visually impaired and the blind people. Predominant colour: Red. Designer: Ms. Osnat Eshel. Signature: Dr. Karnit Flug (Governor of the Bank, Nov. 2013 – Nov. 2018). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Bank of Israel. Date of issue: 23 November 2017. Material: Cotton fiber paper. Printer: Orell Füssli Security Printing (Switzerland)) (Serial # 0260225656) UNC

Dimensions: 130 x 71 mm


Catalogue Number: P-65

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

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