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Papua New Guinea 5 Kina 2007 (XIII South Pacific Games) (SSH0700009xx) UNC

Papua New Guinea 5 Kina 2007 (XIII South Pacific Games) (SSH0700009xx) UNC
Product Code
7.50 ($ 8.10)
5 Kina 2007 (Obverse: Logo of the XIII South Pacific Games in 2007; Bird of Paradise - National Crest; The background tints surrounding the National Crest on the front of this denomination have been composed from patterns taken from the following items: The Parliament House design; Shield from the Gulf Province; Sepik clay pot and Ramu River shields from Madang area. The patterns surrounding the numerals are based on designs of a slaughtered pig. Reverse: Featured are four items of traditional Papua New Guinea "Currencies": Hombuli mask which is used for bridal payments in the Sepik area; Kina shell necklace woven with seeds found in the New Ireland Province; The background tints for this design have been composed from: Parliament House design; Northern Province Tapa cloth; Milne Bay shield tortoise shell bracelets from the Huon Gulf area. The patterns used to surround the numerals are based on a mask design together with an illustration of a bird. Watermark: Bank logo - Bird of Paradise) XIII South Pacific Games (Serial Nos: SSH0700009xx) UNC

Dimensions: 146 x 73 mm


Catalogue Number: P-34

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

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