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Portugal 1000 Escudos 21.5.1998 (Sig: de Sousa; de Campos) (4B3245666) (circulated) aXF

Portugal 1000 Escudos 21.5.1998 (Sig: de Sousa; de Campos) (4B3245666) (circulated) aXF
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12.50 ($ 13.63)
1000 Escudos 21.5.1998 (Obverse: Portuguese Maritime Discoveries: Engraved effigy of the Portuguese navigator and explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral (1467–1520), a Portuguese nobleman, military commander, who discovered Brazil on 22nd of April 1500. Armillary sphere in a wreath. Cross of the Order of Christ in a round shield. Reverse: Terra Brasilis – Brazilian jungle - different animals, birds and plants depicted. Portuguese caravela sailing ship. Cabral family coat of arms. Part of Pero Vaz de Caminha's letter: "..a estender os olhos não podiamos ver senão terra e arvoredos – Terra que nos parecia muito extensa". Watermark: Identical reversed portrait of Pedro Alvares Cabral. Predominant colours: Violet and brown. Date on the banknote: 21 May 1998. Artist: Luís Filipe de Abreu. Signatures: António José Fernandes de Sousa (Governor – O Governador); Diogo José Paredes Leite de Campos (Administrator – O Administrador). Issuer: Banco de Portugal. Demonetized: 28 February 2002. Redeemable until: 1 March 2022. Material: Cotton fiber paper. Printer: British American Bank Note Co. Ltd., Canada (BABNC)) (Serial # 4B3245666) (circulated) aXF

Dimensions: 132 x 68 mm

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Catalogue Number: P-188c(11) (Albert Pick; Krause; Banknote-ws)

Grade/condition: About Extra Fine (aXF) (circulated, used)

Texts: Banco de Portugal. Mil Escudos. One Thousand Escudos. Chapa 13. Lisboa, 21 de Maio de 1998.

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