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Rapa Nui / Easter Island 1000 Rongo 1.9.2011

Rapa Nui / Easter Island 1000 Rongo 1.9.2011
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1000 Rongo 1.9.2011 (Front: Portrait of a Hanau epe (Long-ears) man. Mata-ki Te-rangi (“Eyes looking to the sky”), a Moai monolithic sculpture wearing scoria Pukao hat and with replica coral eyes. A red Reimiro with human heads on each end - the emblem of the flag of Rapa Nui. RongoRongo symbol script. Back: Fifteen Moai at Ahu Tongariki, the largest ahu (stone platform) on Easter Island. One of the Moai is wearing Pukao on its head. RongoRongo symbol script. Predominant colours: Red, yellow, brown. Signature: John Hamilton (Comptroller). Material: Biaxially oriented polypropylene (polymer). Date of Issue: 1 September 2011. Printer: British American Bank Note Co. Ltd)

Dimensions: 159 x 79 mm

Rapa Nui - Easter Island - Isla de Pascua (Chile). Private product.

Catalogue Number: none

Texts: Texts: Rapa Nui. Isla de Pascua. Easter Island. One Thousand Mil Rongo. Pacific Overseas Exchange Office. Oficina Intercambiara de Ultramar Del Pacifico garantiza el reembolso de dos dólares americanos en la devolución de este billete a cualquiera de sus oficinas en un periodo de diez años a partir de su fecha de emisión.

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Croatia 20 Kuna 30.5.2014 (A48329xxV) UNC
Ethiopia 10 Birr 2003 (CD03567xx) UNC
Angola 10 Kwanzas Oct. 2012 (WA07329xx) UNC
Jordan 5 Dinars 2002 # 000005 UNC
Korea (South) 10 Jeon 1962 (Block#2) UNC
Russia 50 Biletov MMM 1989-1994 (XB 176259xx) UNC
Saint Helena 1 Pound (1981)
Ukraine 1 Hryvnia 2011 (KA8755xxx) UNC
France 10 Francs D.2.8.1973.D. (G.894/2233116516) (circulated) F-VF
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