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Sri Lanka 500 Rupees 28.1.2019 (T/287 2759xx) UNC

Sri Lanka 500 Rupees 28.1.2019 (T/287 2759xx) UNC
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500 Rupees 28.1.2019 (Obverse: Artist’s impression of the World Trade Center and Bank of Ceylon headquarters in the city of Colombo and the ancient Buddhist temple ‘Lankathilaka Viharaya’ at Kandy. Butterfly, the Ceylon Indigo Royal (Tajuria arida). Bird, the Sri Lanka Emerald-collared Parakeet (Layard’s Parakeet) (Psittacula calthropae). The Sri Lanka Lion or Ceylon Lion (Panthera leo sinhaleyus) bearing a sword. Reverse: Padmanidhi guard stone. Thelme Netuma dancer and a Yak Bera drummer. Double floral design - Dvithva Liya Vela, appears along the right side of the note. Watermark: Layard’s Parakeet, "500" and reinforced cornerstones. Predominant colour: Purple. Signatures: Mangala Pinsiri Samaraweera (Minister of Finance, 2017–2019); Indrajit Coomaraswamy (Governor of the Central Bank, 2016–2019). Tactile feature: Four round intaglio dots for the visually impaired people located near the upper left corner of the banknote. Issuer: Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Material: Cotton fiber paper. Issue Date: 28.1.2019. Printer: De La Rue (DLR)) (Serial Nos: T/287 2759xx) UNC

Dimensions: 144 x 66 mm

Catalogue Number: P-126f (Albert Pick; Krause)

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

Texts: Central Bank of Sri Lanka. ශ්‍රී ලංකා මහ බැංකුව. இலங்கை மத்திய வங்கி. Five Hundred Rupees. රුපියල් පන්සීයයි. ஐநூறு ரூபாய். Ceylon.

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