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Tunisia 500 Francs 2.1.1942

Tunisia 500 Francs 2.1.1942
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500 Francs 2.1.1942 (Front: Portrait of an Algerian woman wearing a light turban. Aerial view of coastline and mountains. Young male seated. Allegorical woman holding a torch, symbolising Education, Liberty and Civilization. Back: Village in the mountains. Woman decorating vases with handles. Another woman carrying water in a pitcher vase. Watermark: Woman's face profile in national headdress - Ancient goddess Isis; Arabesque. Signatures: Escallier (Le Directeur Général); Sebald (Le Caissier Principal); P. de Roux (Le Secrétaire Général). Predominant colours: Green, blue and violet. Work by: Georges Duval (Fecit). Engraved by: Emile Deloche (Sc.). Date (as depicted): 2nd January 1942. Date of Release: 30 September 1938. Printer: Banque de France (BdF))

Dimensions: 227 x 138 mm

Catalogue Number: P-14 (SCWPM: Albert Pick; Krause Publications)

Texts: Banque de l'Algérie. Bank of Algeria. Cinq Cents Francs payables au Porteur et a vue. Five Hundred Francs. Article 139. Le Code Pénal Punit des Travaux-Forcés a Perpétuité le Contrefacteur. Overprint: TUNISIE.

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