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Ukraine 1 Hryvnia 2006 (GSh9472xxx) UNC

Ukraine 1 Hryvnia 2006 (GSh9472xxx) UNC
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1.50 ($ 1.64)
1 Hryvnia 2006 (Front: Portrait of Volodymyr the Great (c. 958 - 1015), the Grand Prince of Kyiv (Kiev), also known as Vladimir Sviatoslavich the Great, the Prince of Novgorod. Orthodox saints and acolyte during church ceremony. Tryzub, the national coat of arms of Ukraine. Stylised grivna from the times of Kievan Rus as registration device. Back: Diorama of Volodymyr’s Burg in Kyiv (Detynets; Citadel) with the Church of the Tithes or Church of the Dormition of the Virgin (built by the order of Volodymyr the Great) in the front. Artistic composition depicting a battle axe, a fullered arming sword, a cross, a flail and an eagle as elements of design from the times of Volodymyr the Great. Logo emblem of the National Bank of Ukraine. Watermark: Portrait of Volodymyr the Great; Electrotype Hryvnia sign (mirrored letter S, with a double horizontal stroke). Signature: Volodymyr S. Stelmah (Vladimir Semenovich Stel'makh) (Golova - Governor, Dec. 2004 - Dec. 2010). Dominant colours: Blue, yellow and brown. Security thread: Vertical, solid, 1 mm wide, with '1 GRN' in cyrillics and a Tryzub. Issuer: National Bank of Ukraine. Date of First Issue: 22 May 2006. Legal tender: Yes. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Banknote Mint of the National Bank of Ukraine) (Serial Nos: GSh9472xxx) UNC

Dimensions: 118 x 63 mm


Catalogue Number: P-116Aa

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

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