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Uzbekistan 20000 So´m 2021 (DW01368xx) UNC

Uzbekistan 20000 So´m 2021 (DW01368xx) UNC
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7.50 ($ 8.18)
20000 So'm 2021 (Front: Koi Krylgan Kala (Qo'yqirilgan Qal'a) archeological site in Karakalpakstan. Registration device in a form of a pattern used in the embroidery fabrics of the people of Karakalpakstan. Outline map of Uzbekistan with ancient Great Silk Road caravan routes marked. Patterns from the embroidery fabrics of the people of Karakalpakstan. National emblem of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Back: Ruins of the Janbas Kala (Jonbos/Yonbosh Qal'a) Archeological Monument dating from the 4th century before Christ and its clay pottery artifacts all located on the top of the slopes southeast of the Sultan Uvays Mountain in the Turtkul district of Karakalpakstan. Watermark: Camel with cargo; Electrotype '20000'. Security thread: Vertical, windowed, roughly 3 mm wide polymer security thread with motion feature. Tactile feature: Two horizontally positioned dots above four bars executed in intaglio raised print in order to help the blind and the visually impaired people to recognize this particular banknote. Main colours: Blue, purple and brown. Signature: None. Date of Issue: 2021.Material: Cotton fiber paper. Issuer: Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Printer: State Enterprise 'Davlat Belgisi' (Goznak), Tashkent, Uzbekistan) (Serial Nos: DW01368xx) UNC

Dimensions: 149 x 69 mm


Catalogue Number: P-90

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

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