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Belgium 100 Francs (1995-2001) (Sig: Bertholomé, Verplaetse) (13102933554) (circulated, edge cuts) aXF

Belgium 100 Francs (1995-2001) (Sig: Bertholomé, Verplaetse) (13102933554) (circulated, edge cuts) aXF
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6.50 ($ 7.02)
100 Francs (1995-2001) (Front: Effigy of Belgian painter and printmaker James Ensor (1860 - 1949). Altered fragment from the painting "Masks and Death" (Dood en de Maskers) by James Ensor. Fan. Feathery big-nosed mask. Back: Fragment from "The Baths of Ostend" (De Baden van Oostende; Les bains à Ostende) by James Ensor; etching in Japanese paper, 1899. Stylised bathing machines (bathing huts). Watermark: Effigy of James Ensor in 1/2 profile and his autograph. Work by: K. Ponsaers (Inv. - Sketch authors, designers); Benoît Gregoire (Sculp. - Engraver). Main colour: Red-violet. Date of issue: 15 June 1995) Signatures: Serge Bertholomé (De Schatbewaarder - Le Tresorier - Der Schatzmeister); Alfons Verplaetse (De Gouverneur - Le Gouverneur - Der Gouverneur). Printer: National Bank of Belgium) (Serial # 13102933554) (circulated, edge cuts) aXF

Dimensions: 140 x 76 mm

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Catalogue Number: P-147a

Grade/condition: About Extremely Fine (aXF) (circulated, used, with 4 short upper edge cuts in the center)

Texts: Nationale Bank van Belgie. Honderd Frank. Banque Nationale de Belgique. Cent Francs. Belgische Nationalbank. Hundert Franken. National Bank of Belgium. One Hundred Francs.

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