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France 10 Francs 25.3.1943 (B.53/130102597) UNC

France 10 Francs 25.3.1943 (B.53/130102597) UNC
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40.00 ($ 43.60)
10 Francs 25.3.1943 (Front: Coal miner with pickaxe and mining landscape. Back: Cows (oxen). Village. Peasant woman with child wearing a scarf, holding a hoe. Silhouette of the hamlet inspired by the village of Bazouges (Sarthe). Fruits. Watermark: Head of Jeanne d'Arc. Supposed portrait of Joan of Arc wearing a helmet, inspired by a 15th century bust representing a warrior. Main colour: Multicolor. Work by: Lucien Jonas. Lettering: A. Clérin. Engraved by: Camille Beltrand (obverse) and Ernest-Pierre Deloche (reverse). Signatures: Pierre Rousseau (Le Caissier Général); René Favre-Gilly (Le Secrétaire Général). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Bank of France. First Date of Issue: 11th September 1941. Date of Release: 12th November 1943. Withdrawn from circulation: 5th of June 1951. Legal tender: No*. Material: Cotton paper supplied by Banque de France & Papeterie du Marais. Printer: Banque de France (BdF)) (Series & Serial # B.53/130102597) UNC

*/ Legal Tender Status: This banknote circulated between 12th of November 1943 and 5th of June 1951, when it began losing its legal tender status, which was completely lost on the 1st of January 1963.

Dimensions: 117 x 75 mm

Catalogue Number: P-99e (Albert Pick; Krause)

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

Texts: Banque de France. Dix Francs. Le contrefacteur sera puni des travaux forcés a perpétuité.

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