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France 100 Francs 1.4.1971 (Y.558/1394746644) (lt. circulated) XF-AU

France 100 Francs 1.4.1971 (Y.558/1394746644) (lt. circulated) XF-AU
Product Code:
100.00 ($ 109.00)
Denomination and date: 100 Francs 1.4.1971

Front: Bust of Pierre Corneille (6th of June 1606 – 1st of October 1684), French tragedian and dramatist (playwright), from a drawing by Lebrun on a background representing a project for the decoration of the theatre of the Chateau de Versailles; Palace of Versailles, Royal Opera of Versailles in Château de Versailles, Versailles, Yvelines, Île-de-France in 1685, presented by Monsard & Vigazoni. Flowers and trophies of arms (trophées d'armes) at the bottom of the banknote: on the left: trophies of Moorish weapons evoke the Cid, and on the right: weapons recall the tragedies inspired by Roman antiquity.

Back: Bust of Pierre Corneille in cartouche. Views of Rouen city and port including (on the left) a courthouse (Le Palais de Justice) and (on the right) Corneille's childhood home.

Watermark: Portraits of Augustus (laureate) and Horace (helmeted), heroes of Corneille's tragedies.

Main colours: Brown, red and multicolor.

Design: Jean Lefeuvre (front, back and watermarks). Engraved by: Gilbert Poilliot (obverse), Jules Piel (intaglio) and Georges Beltrand (reverse). Watermark engraved by Michel Valentini (BdF).

Signatures: (as depicted) Gilbert Bouchet (Le Contrôleur G(énér)al, 1967–1979); Hubert Morant (Le Secrétaire G(énér)al, 1967–1975); Raoul Tondu (Le Caissier G(énér)al, 1959–1970).

Issuer: Bank of France.

Dates of Issue: 1 April 1971 (as depicted) (5 October 1967 through 4 February 1971) (2 April 1964 — 8 February 1979).

Circulation from: 19 January 1965.

Withdrawn: 1 March 1985.

Legal tender: No, from 15 September 1986.

Demonetized: 17 February 2012.

Material: Cotton paper fiber.

Stationery: Bank of France and Papeterie du Marais.

Printing method: Typography in four colours (yellow, red, light blue and dark blue).

Printer: Banque de France (BdF))

Series and serial number: Y.558/1394746644

Dimensions: 172 x 92 mm

Catalogue Number: P-149c

Grade/condition: Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated (XF-AU) (lightly circulated, barely used, with 2 pinholes outside the design) - Accordingly to the I.B.N.S. standards

Texts: Banque de France. Cent Francs. One Hundred French Francs. L'Article 139 du Code Pénal Punit de la Réclusion Criminelle a Perpetuité Ceux qui Auront Contrefait ou Falsifié les Billets de Banque Autorisés par la Loi, Ainsi que Ceux qui Auront Fait Usage de Ces Billets Contrefaits ou Falsifiés. Ceux Qui les Auront Introduits en France Seront Punis de la Même Peine.

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