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Great Britain One Exeter Pound 2015 (EP01/0029xxx) UNC

Great Britain One Exeter Pound 2015 (EP01/0029xxx) UNC
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7.00 ($ 7.63)
One Exeter Pound 2015 City of Exeter local complementary currency (Devon, England) (Front: Seven year old Eden Valentine's drawing "Castle Story". Back: Seven year old Eden Valentine's drawing "Rainbow Hands". Watermark: Repetitive pattern. Security features: Consecutively running black vertical serial number on the front of the note. Denomination numeral "1", coloured hairs and other parts of the design fluoresce in bright light salmon colour while being exposed to ultraviolet light. Hologram in the shape of Gerald the Giraffe, long-time resident of Exeter's Royal Albert Memorial Museum & art gallery. Predominant colours: Light salmon and brown. Artist: Eden Valentine. Printing method: Offset. Issuer: Exeter Pound CIC. Date of issue: 1 September 2015. Date of expiry: 30th of September 2018. Material: Cotton paper. Legal tender: Expired, now a valuable collectible (it is based on a voluntary participation). Printer: Orion) (Serial Nos: EP01/0029xxx) UNC

Dimensions: 144 x 72 mm


Catalogue Number: N/a

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

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