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Portuguese India 20 Rupias 29.11.1945 (Sig: Pimenta; Viegas) (287,390) CANCELLED (circulated) Fine

Portuguese India 20 Rupias 29.11.1945 (Sig: Pimenta; Viegas) (287,390) CANCELLED (circulated) Fine
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45.00 ($ 49.05)
20 Rupias 29.11.1945 (Obverse: Porftrait of Afonso de Albuquerque (1453–1515), first Duke of Goa, a Portuguese general, admiral, and statesman, who served as viceroy of Portuguese India from 1509 to 1515. Colonial BNU (Banco Nacional Ultramarino) bank seal depicting a steam ship. Reverse: Seated female, steamship and a sailing ship. Portuguese coat of arms (Armillary sphere + the quinas + the castles). Watermark: None. Predominant colour: Blue. Date on the banknote: 29 November 1945. Designer: Unknown. Signatures: (as depicted) António Pedroso Pimenta (O Administrador – Administrator); António dos Santos Viegas (O Presidente do Conselho Administrativo – The Chairman of the Board of Directors). Issuer: Banco Nacional Ultramarino. Demonetized: 1 January 1959. Material: Cotton fiber paper. Printer: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. Ltd., New Malden, Surrey, England (BWC)) (Serial # 287,390) CANCELLED (circulated) Fine

Dimensions: 150 x 79 mm

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Catalogue Number: P-37(1) (Albert Pick; Krause; Banknote-ws)

Grade/condition: Fine (F) (circulated, used, with 2 large cancellation holes)

Texts: Banco Nacional Ultramarino. Índia Portuguesa. Vinte Rupias. Twenty Rupees. Pagável na Índia Portuguesa. Decreto Nº17.154. Lisboa, 29 de Novembro de 1945. Colonias, Commercio, Agricultura. Gravadores BWC, Inglaterra.

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