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São Tomé e Príncipe 5 Dobras 2016 (AA13597xx) UNC

São Tomé e Príncipe 5 Dobras 2016 (AA13597xx) UNC
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5.00 ($ 5.40)
5 Dobras 21.10.2016 (Front: Coat of arms of São Tomé & Príncipe. Butterfly (Acraea insularis). The new Central Bank building. Back: Map of the islands with Equator clearly marked. Butterflies. São Tomé shrew a.k.a. Musaranho-fingui (Crocidura thomensis). Shadow image: Butterfly. Security features: Profile portrait of Rei Amador in a transparent window (seen as positive image on darker surfaces, but a negative on lighter surfaces), shaped like a butterfly wing. Transparent window in a form of a butterfly with green wings. Consecutively running red vertical and black horizontal serial numbers on the obverse of the banknote. Hi-lite denomination '5' block, the red serial number and parts of the banknote design on the reverse fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Main colour: Ultra violet. Signature: Americo d'Oliveira dos Ramos (Finance Minister - Ministro das Finanças, Comércio e Economia Azul); Hélio Silva Vaz de Almeida (Governor - Governador do Banco Central, 2016–2019). Artist: Unknown. Date of issue: 1 January 2018 (Decreto-Lei Nº 06/2016 de 21 de Outubro de 2016). Issuer: Banco Central de São Tomé e Príncipe. Material: Polymer plastic substrate. Printing method: Offset and intaglio. Printer: De La Rue) (Serial Nos: AA13597xx) UNC UNC

Dimensions: 130 x 67 mm


Catalogue Number: P-70

Grade/condition: Uncirculated (UNC) (new, unused, mint)

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